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Welcome to Pure Life Soaps!

Updated: May 18, 2021

Pure Life Soaps is a unique player in the wellness industry. Our mission is to provide knowledge on the harmful effects of commercial soaps and offer a variety of amazing soaps that nourishes skin.

I am Karol Hernandez, Owner of Pure Life Soaps. We make a variety of healthy natural and chemical free soaps for the health conscious. The soaps are handmade with organic ingredients, they include quality essential oils, colors, and amazing scents.

I am a mother of 4 young adults, born in Costa Rica, and raised from an early age in NY. I have now resided in MA for many years and have raised my children here. My journey and passion for natural products began when my health was compromised. I discovered I had a health condition that was due to an unhealthy hormone imbalance caused by the chemicals in commercial products.

During my master’s studies in Counseling Psychology, I also studied Holistic Health. Here I learned how important it is to choose natural products for your skin. Soap is a part of our daily lives; our self-care starts with a bar of soap every morning. My journey continued with hand crafting soaps for myself, family, and friends.

I am excited to bring healthy soaps for various skin needs to the community. My goal is to include healthy, exotic, unique, vibrant, and soothing soaps that will nourish your health, free of toxins, chemicals and artificial ingredients.

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